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Acupuncture is a major component of traditional oriental medicine.

It is interested in and addresses the so-called "energetic" aspect of the human being.  Indeed, Traditional Chinese Medicine speaks of the evaluation and treatment of energy or "Qi". This energy organisation is probably the electromagnetic dimension of the human body.

Classical acupuncture treatment consists of the act of stimulating, by means of fine needles, certain determined areas on the body, called acupuncture points. 

All the sites thus stimulated during a single treatment constitute a prescription of points which the acupuncturist applies for the purposes of treatment and which he modifies according to the evolution towards a better balance of the patient's health.

In addition to the needle, the acupuncturist may use heat, pressure, a fine electric current or light (soft laser).


Classical Acupuncture Gatineau
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Comprehensive understanding of the body and disease

Acupuncture is a therapeutic approach based on the establishment of an "energy diagnosis" or energy opinion. This assessment requires a clinical examination to evaluate the condition of the person consulting. The authors agree that acupuncture is a true therapeutic method, a medicine in its own right, which addresses the various health problems of living beings.

Electromagnetic dimension of the body

"Energy" (or electricity) flows through a network of channels called "acupuncture meridians". Each organ or system has at least one specific meridian. In addition, the meridians carry energy throughout the body to supply the brain, organs, muscles, bones, nerves, glands and all other systems to enable the body and mind to function properly. 

These meridians, moreover, connect the organs to each other, but also establish links between the depth and the surface.

This "internal-external" correspondence is of great importance, as it not only facilitates the global understanding of a particular health problem, but more importantly, it allows the treatment of the inside from the outside via these same meridians.

Our clinic uses acupuncture and other natural methods to treat infertility


Classical Acupuncture Ottawa

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