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In simple terms, electroacupuncture is the practice of acupuncture with the inclusion of small electrical currents used to stimulate muscles and nerves. 

Compared to traditional acupuncture and the many other forms of acupuncture that have emerged, electroacupuncture remains a relatively new practice. Like traditional acupuncture, electroacupuncture aims to stimulate particular acupuncture points and, through this, facilitate healing and treat a wide range of different conditions.

However, unlike traditional acupuncture, electroacupuncture uses small electrical currents that pass through the needles once they have been placed in the target acupuncture point.

Electroacupuncture Gatineau
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Electroacupuncture actually uses two needles simultaneously

The currents flow from one needle to the other, stimulating muscles or systems/organs.

Many people who practice electroacupuncture are concerned about the risk of electric shock or other such injuries.

Fortunately, electroacupuncture is an extremely safe technique that uses an extremely low current during treatments.

The current used is far too low to cause anything more than a tingling sensation.


Electroacupuncture Ottawa

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